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River stone sink

the river stone sink with a smooth exterior model gives an extraordinary impression, this is a very good model for your home accessories with a combination of fine stone inside the insideto clean very easily. just clean with a cloth once wipe directly clean.Whatsapp number +6281333917627Email :alexputrastone80@gmail.comCompany :cv.alexputrastone from indonesia …

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River stone small tub

with a small model formed from natural original stone. and on the floor in the model with expert hands created a small bathtub. which you can use as you wish, whether fish pond or flower placewith size 50-60 height 35-40 Whatsapp number +6281333917627Email :alexputrastone80@gmail.comCompany:cv.alexputrastone from indonesia in java http://Gentongbatukali http://Riverstonesmalltub …

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